25 Fun Family Reunion Games & Ideas For Best Memory Making Activities

Looking for family reunion games or ideas for family reunion activities for kids and adults to do together? Check out this fun list of family gathering activity ideas for celebrating family with a backyard bbq party, if you need indoor reunion ideas, or just looking for ways to have family fun and lots of laughs for things to do at family parties.

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The Best Family Reunion Ideas, Activities and Games That Encourage Family Connections

Guess the Baby

How to Play: Collect baby photos of family members.

Display them and have participants guess who each baby is.

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The person with the most correct guesses wins a prize.

Family Photo Scavenger Hunt

How to Play: Create a list of family-themed photos for participants to take, such as a picture with the oldest family member, a photo of someone cooking, picture with a first cousin, picture with youngest family member, picture with someone who can speak another language, etc.

The person / team that completes the list first wins.

Family Talent Show

What To Do: Have family members sign up to showcase their talents, whether it’s singing, dancing, a magic trick, hula hoop to a song, a TikTok dance or whatever fun thing people can do.

Create a stage area and enjoy the performances.

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Family Tree Trivia

How to Play: Prepare trivia questions about your family history, such as “What was Grandma’s first job?”, “Where did the family originate?” or “Who always makes the deviled eggs?” etc.

Teams compete to answer the most questions correctly.

Family Bingo

How to Play: Create different family themed bingo cards with family-related items like “Has traveled to Europe,” “Is left-handed,” “Loves chocolate,” “quotes movies,” etc.

Players mingle to find family members who match the descriptions. When they do, they mark it off their cards. First person to get a BINGO (across or down) wins.

Family Reunion Family Feud

How to Play: Divide into two teams and play a version of the classic game show Family Feud.

You can either grab a Family Feud game like this or make questions customized to your family.

Fun sticky notes activity with household items

Pass the Story Post-It Note Game

How to Play: Tell the family group that you’re going to retell a family story (but don’t tell them what it is).

Start a family story with a single sentence written on a Post-In Note.

The next person adds another sentence to the story on a new post-it note and sticks it on top of the first sentence (so that the next player can only see the most recent sentence), and so on, until all of the players have gone.

Then, read the story in order starting with the very first sentence and going up.

See how much of the family story people got right.

This is one of my favorite party games! It’s a really funny game to play with a group.


Family Pictionary

How to Play: Write down family-related words or phrases on slips of paper.

Players take turns drawing the word or phrase while their team guesses before a timer runs out.

Team with the most correct guesses wins a prize.

Who Am I?

How to Play: Write down the names of family members, both present and past, on sticky notes.

Place a note on each participant’s forehead so that they can’t see and don’t know what’s written on the note.

Players mingle and ask yes-or-no questions to figure out who they are.

Generational Relay

How to Play: Create a relay race with activities that represent different generations, such as dancing the twist, hula hooping, playing hopscotch, naming Madonna song titles, and making a TikTok dance video.

Teams must complete each activity in sequence (like 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, etc.).

First team to do them all correctly wins.

Family Recipe Swap

What To Do: Have each family bring a favorite dish and the recipe.

Set up a table for the recipes and sample the dishes.

Vote on the favorite recipe.

PRO PARTY TIP: Ask family members to bring copies of their recipes so everyone can take a recipe home to make their own family cookbook.

Family Fire Story Time

What To Do: If you’re having an outdoor party, gather around a bonfire and have each person share a funny or memorable family story.

This can be a great way to reminisce and learn more about family history.

Family Memory Lane Activity

What To Do: Create a timeline on a wall or a large white board with important family events and photos.

Have family members add to the timeline with their own memories and stories.

Generations Game

How to Play: Create a quiz that spans multiple generations, with questions about popular culture, historical events, and family milestones from different eras.

Teams compete to answer the most questions correctly and win prizes.

PRO PARTY TIP: You can also grab a fun Trivia Pursuit Generations game for this!

Family Scrapbook Activity

What To Do: Set up a table with scrapbook materials and encourage family members to bring copies of pictures to donate to the family scrapbook. (Tell them not to bring the original pictures!)

Encourage family members to create pages with photos, stories, and decorations that will be added to a family scrapbook each year.

Reunion Family Quilt

What To Do: Provide fabric squares and fabric markers.

Each family member decorates a square, which can be sewn together to create a family quilt.

Backyard Olympic Games For Kids And Adults Challenges - text over different lawn games for an Olympics party

Family Olympics Or Family Minute To Win It Game

How to Play: Organize a series of fun events, like potato sack races, egg-and-spoon races, stack the cups and more.

Divide into family teams to race, with fun medals given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.


Family Story Booth

What To Do: Set up a video camera or smartphone on a tripod in a private area.

Encourage family members to take turns recording short stories, memories, or messages for the family archive.

After, edit them together as a Family Reunion Movie that everyone can access online.

Family Map

What To Do: Create a large map on a poster board.

Have family members place pins or stickers on the map to show where they live or where they came from to attend the reunion.

This is a great large family reunion activity if you have family members traveling from all different areas to attend a reunion.

Generation Guessing Game

How to Play: Collect items from different eras (toys, photos, clothing, album covers).

Family members have to guess which generation or decade each item is from.

Person who guesses the most correctly wins a prize.

PRO PARTY TIP: Goodwill or thrift stores are great to get supplies for this game.

Family Heirloom Show and Tell

What To Do: Ask family members to bring a cherished family heirloom and share its story with the group.

This can include old photos, jewelry, keepsakes, photos and more that are significant to them.

Reunion Family Tree Creation

What To Do: Provide materials for creating a family tree on a poster board.

Each family member can add their branch with photos and details about themselves.

Family Reunion Time Capsule

What To Do: Have family members bring a small item that represents their family to place in a time capsule.

Be sure to have them write a short note about what it is, why they included it, and who it’s from.

Seal the time capsule to be opened at the next reunion or in a set number of years.

Family Photo Booth

What To Do: Set up a photo booth and selfie station with fun props and a backdrop.

Encourage family members to take silly or themed photos together.

Create a family union specific hashtag and encourage everyone to share their photos on Instagram with the reunion hashtag so all the family members can see the party fun.

Family Storybook

What To Do: Create a storybook where each family member contributes a page with their favorite family memory or a drawing.

Compile it into a book for everyone to enjoy.

Add a new “chapter” to the book each year and grow it into a multi-year family reunion keepsake.

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I hope you have fun celebrating together with these fun family reunion games, reunion activities, and family party ideas!

    DISCLOSURE: Affiliate links are used on this site. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please refer to our DISCLOSURE.

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