31 Jaw-Some Shark Themed Party Ideas For Kids

Dive into a sea of fun with our ultimate guide to shark themed party ideas for kids! From shark theme decorations and creative shark snacks to fun party games and activities for shark parties — everything you need to make a splash at your child’s next birthday celebration, ocean themes, Shark Week party, or Baby Shark parties.

Shark Themed Party Ideas For Kids - large shark mouth cardboard cutout entrance to a shark party with small children playing

How To Throw A Shark Party For Shark Week, Baby Shark Birthday, Or Ocean Theme Parties

Shark Party Decorations

Transform your party space into an underwater shark adventure with these creative ideas:

Shark Entrance: Create a shark mouth entrance using a large cardboard cutout painted to look like a shark’s jaws.

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Kids will love “swimming” through the shark’s mouth to enter the party!

Underwater Backdrop: Use blue and green streamers and balloons to create an ocean backdrop.

Add cutouts of fish, seaweed, and of course, sharks!

Shark Balloons: Decorate blue balloons with shark faces.

Use markers, stickers, or cut out pieces of paper for the eyes, teeth, and fins.

SHARK THEME PARTY IDEAS FOR KIDS - text over different shark party decorations and party decor, shark party theme favors and shark food ideas

Shark Tableware: Use shark-themed plates, cups, and napkins.

Add mini inflatable sharks as centerpieces for the tables.

Shark Fin Garland: Create a garland of shark fins out of gray card stock and hang it around the party area.

PRO PARTY TIP: Done with DIY? Grab this shark garland!

Ocean Wave Wall: Create a wave effect on the wall using blue and white paper or fabric.

Add foam sharks and fish to complete the look for a great selfie station.

Shark Attack Signs: Place “Beware of Sharks,” “Shark Bites,” and “Shark Zone” signs around the party area for a fun touch.

PRO PARTY TIP: Grab these super cool shark signs for one less thing to DIY for party decor!

SHARK PARTY FOOD IDEAS FOR KID PARTIES - text over pictures of shark themed party foods

Shark-Themed Food


Make your food table the centerpiece of your party with these fun shark pun treats:

Shark Attack Sandwiches: Use a shark-shaped cookie cutter to make sandwiches.

Jawsome Jello Cups: Make blue jello cups with gummy sharks swimming inside.

Shark Bait: Place gummy worms in a fish bowl and label them fish bait or shark bait.

Fish and Chips: Serve goldfish crackers and potato chips. Or fish sticks and french fries with “shark blood” dipping sauce (aka: ketchup).

Fin-tastic Fruit: Create a fruit platter with watermelon and fruits cut into shark shapes and a fruit dip labeled “Shark Bait.”

Cupcake Frenzy: Decorate cupcakes with blue frosting and cute shark fin toppers.

Ocean Water: Serve blue punch with gummy fish and sour octopus candies floating inside.

Shark Teeth Popcorn: Create a popcorn snack mix with white chocolate pieces, mini marshmallows, and popcorn labeled as “Shark Teeth.”

Shark Bait Party Snacks - sour gummy worms in fish bowl for fish bait at a shark party

Shark Party Favors

Send kids home with some of these fun shark-themed favor ideas:

Adopt A Shark: Place shark toys like these in a big, clear fish bowl with a sign “Adopt A Shark” on the bowl. These make perfect party favors for kids!

Shark Tooth Necklaces: Give out candy shark tooth necklaces like these.

Shark Stickers and Tattoos: Kids love stickers and temporary tattoos, especially when they feature cool sharks!

Personalized Shark Water Bottles: Decorate reusable water bottles with shark stickers and the kids’ names.

Shark Fin Hats: Craft paper or foam shark fin hats for the kids to wear during the party.

Shark Activity Books: Give out small shark puzzles, coloring pages, or mini ocean games. These shark stickers pages make great favors!

Shark Party Games For Kids - stand up shark mouth game in the backyard for a kids shark party

Shark Party Games and Shark-Themed Activities

Keep the little sharks entertained with these exciting games and activities:

Shark Scavenger Hunt: Hide small shark toys and ocean-theme items around the yard or house and have the kids search for them. Person who finds the most wins a prize!

Ocean Slime Station: Have a slime station where kids can make ocean-themed slime with blue glitter and add in their own mini ocean items like these.

Shark Races: Set up a “swimming” race where kids have to relay race or do different obstacle courses wearing these shark fins.

Walk The Plank Shark Game For Shark Parties

Walk the Plank: Set up a board or tape a line over a blue tarp. Tape some shark fins in the “water” or place some shark toys around the water. Blindfold the guests and see if they can make it across the board or the tape line without falling into the shark infested water.

PRO PARTY TIP: Have older kids? Set it up as an obstacle course where one person is blindfolded and their teammate has to give them directions through the shark water without falling in.

Pin the Fin on the Shark: A fun twist on the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.”


Shark Piñata: Fill a shark-shaped piñata with candy and small toys.

Shark Ball Catch: This is a hysterical game that allows kids to pair up with a teammate to see if they can velcro the ball into their shark mouth.

Feed the Shark: Create a large cardboard shark with an open mouth. Kids can toss bean bags or balls into the mouth.

Person with the most in the mouth in 10 seconds wins a prize.

PRO PARTY TIP: Grab this time-saver pop-up shark toss, complete with mini cute sharks to toss.

Shark Ring Toss: Grab this game for a fun shark toss game in the pool or out of the pool!

Shark Game: Play the Shark Bite game!

GREAT PARTY THEME FOR AN OUTDOOR SHARK PARTY: Backyard Water Balloon Games To Make A Splash At Summer Parties


I hope you have fun with these shark themed party ideas for kids!

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