Ultimate Backyard Summer Olympics Party Games for Family Fun!

These backyard summer Olympics party games for kids and adults are a great way to celebrate the Summer Games and fun for your own Olympic themed party or sports parties — from sprint obstacle course challenges to javelin pool noodle throw and water balloon archery and other creative contests, these party ideas are medal-worthy experiences for all ages!

Ultimate Backyard Summer Olympics Party Games for Family Fun text over images of family laughing on a backdrop of Olympic podiums and Olympic medals

How To Host Your Own Backyard Summer Olympics Party Games

Transform your backyard (or a park party!) with these fun lawn games, olympic themed game ideas, and outdoor game challenges for all ages!

Fun Family Olympic Party Challenges

  • Aquatic Relay Splashdown
  • Discus Donut Toss
  • Backyard Balance Beam Challenge
  • Archery Balloon Pop
  • Sprint & Hurdle Dash
  • Shot Put Sack Toss
  • Soccer Goal Shootout
  • Javelin Pool Noodle Throw
  • Basketball Head Hoop Shootout
  • Beach Volleyball Bash
Backyard Olympic Games For Kids And Adults Challenges - text over different lawn games for an Olympics party

10 Fun Backyard Summer Olympics Party Games For Kids And Adults

Be sure to grab Olympic medals to give out to the gold medal winner, silver medal winner, and bronze medal winners for the games!

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Aquatic Relay Splashdown

  • Inspired by: Swimming relays
  • Materials: Buckets, sponges, water
  • How to Play: Teams race to fill a bucket with water using only sponges. Each team member soaks a sponge in water, runs to the empty bucket, and squeezes the water out. The first team to fill their bucket wins.

Discus Donut Toss

  • Inspired by: Discus throw
  • Materials: Pool rings or inflatable donut floaties
  • How to Play: Participants throw pool rings or inflatable donuts, aiming to get them onto a stake, pole, or at certain taped lines with points. The player or team who lands the most rings (or gets the most points within a certain time frame) wins.

Backyard Balance Beam Challenge

  • Inspired by: Gymnastics balance beam
  • Materials: Wooden plank, low balance beam, or a tape line on pavement
  • How to Play: Participants walk across a wooden plank or “balance beam” line while balancing a small object on their head or in their hand (like an egg in a spoon). The person who completes the course fastest without dropping the object (or stepping off the “beam”) wins .

Archery Balloon Pop

  • Inspired by: Archery
  • Materials: Balloons, dart guns, or safe toy bows like these
  • How to Play: Inflate balloons and attach them to a wall or fence. Participants use dart guns or toy bows to pop the balloons. The player who pops the most balloons wins.

PRO PARTY TIP: Fill the balloons really full with air or even water so that they pop easier.

Sprint & Hurdle Dash

  • Inspired by: Track and field hurdles
  • Materials: Pool noodles
  • How to Play: Set up a series of pool noodles to create an obstacle course. Participants run and jump over and around the hurdles. The fastest time wins.

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Olympic Party Ideas For Kids - text over kids playing Olympic party games at Olympic parties

Shot Put Sack Toss

  • Inspired by: Shot put
  • Materials: Bean bags or small sacks or a cornhole game
  • How to Play: Participants throw bean bags or small sacks as far as possible or into a cornhole board. The player (or team) with the longest throw or the most in the corn hole within a set amount of time wins.

Soccer Goal Shootout

  • Inspired by: Soccer penalty shootout
  • Materials: Mini blow up soccer balls likes these and something for a goal (likes cones or tape) – using the blowup balls makes it more challenging
  • How to Play: Divide into teams and set a timer for 5 minutes. Team members take turns trying to kick as many inflatable soccer balls into the “goal” before time runs out. Most goals wins.

PRO PARTY TIP: Make sure you create a “do not cross” line where party guests have to stand to kick from.

Javelin Pool Noodle Throw

  • Inspired by: Javelin throw
  • Materials: Pool noodles
  • How to Play: Participants throw pool noodles as far as they can. The player with the longest throw wins.

Basketball Hoop Shootout

  • Inspired by: Basketball
  • Materials: Basketball head hoops like this
  • How to Play: Divide into teams and set a timer for 5 minutes. On go, teammates take turns shooting basketballs into the head hoop of their player. The team who makes the most baskets wins.

PRO PARTY GAME TIP: Have the throwers and the hoop heads stand at least a couple of feet apart. A tape line for both areas works great!

Beach Volleyball Bash

  • Inspired by: Beach volleyball
  • Materials: Gigantic beach ball like this, net (or something that acts as a net)
  • How to Play: Divide into teams and play volleyball with large beach balls. First team to get to 10 points wins.

I hope you have fun with these backyard summer Olympics party games!

DISCLOSURE: Affiliate links are used on this site. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please refer to our DISCLOSURE.

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