Winning Indy 500 Race Party Theme Ideas For Kids And Adults

These fun Indy 500 race party theme ideas will have you headed right to the Winner’s Circle! We have the best party tips for a race day watch party with friends, porch party activities, or a sports theme or race themed birthday party for kids. Here’s how to host a racing party, complete with race day games for all ages…

Indy 500 Race Party Theme Ideas - Indianapolis 500 party banner with black and white race flag decorations on a table outdoors

Pro Party Tips: Indy 500 Party Overview

The Indianapolis 500 is one of the most popular Indy car races and makes a fun theme for race weekend or anytime you’re looking for themes for race parties.

Party decor: Black and white is must. Think: black and white checkered flags.

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You can have a formal black and white tie gala race party, but the most fun race party is to have a backyard bbq bash or a casual party where you also have the race on in the background — watching the Indianapolis 500 on TV or listening to it on the radio (which is surprisingly fun and what we do every year!).

INDY 500 RACE PARTY THEME IDEAS - Red text over image of different black and white race day decorations at a party

13 Fun Race Party Names For Invites

  1. Race to the Brickyard Bash
  2. 500 Miles of Fun Fest
  3. Indy 500 Speed Spectacular
  4. Pit Stop Party Zone
  5. Checkered Flag Fiesta
  6. Gearshift Gathering
  7. Fast Laps & Cold Drafts
  8. Pole Position Party
  9. Drafting & Drafts Bash
  10. Rev-Up Rally
  11. Racers’ Rendezvous
  12. Champions & Cheers Party
  13. Fast Track Fiesta

Creative Indy 500 Race Party Theme Ideas For A Backyard Race Party Or Birthday Party

Indianapolis 500 Race Party Decorations And Party Ideas

Racing Stripes: Use black and white striped tablecloths, racing banners like this, white and black balloons (or checkered flag balloons), and more after the iconic checkered race flag. Place black and white racing flags like this all around the party.

PRO PARTY TIP: I love this rollout race track that leads to your party!

Pit Stop Station Or Refueling Station: Set up the food area with signs like pit stop area for drinks and refueling station for food and party snacks.

PRO PARTY TIP: Grab these checkered race snack cups for grab-and-go snacks for the party.

Driver’s Lounge: Create a relaxing lounge area where guests can relax and get away from the loud party, complete with comfy seating and race-themed pillows.

Fun Party Idea: Consider setting up a “Start Your Engines” coffee bar where guests can grab a caffeine boost.

Memorabilia Display: If you or any guests are racing enthusiasts, consider displaying some memorabilia or model cars as part of the decoration.

Indianapolis 500 Racing Party Ideas

Race Refueling Station: What To Serve At An Indy 500 Race Party

You can have a lot of fun with Indy 500 party foods because you can play off of racing puns and also race car drivers’ names!

Pole Position Pretzels And Popcorn Bar – Round pretzels with fun pretzel dips and a popcorn bar with these fun refueling racing popcorn containers.

Ham and Cheese Sliders on a plate with potato chips

Speedway Sliders – Mini burgers or mini ham sandwiches like this with various toppings that guests can customize at a “Pit Stop Slider Station.”

PRO PARTY TIP: If you can find the black hamburger buns, use those to stay with theme colors!

Indy Ice Cream Cones – Ice cream served in checkered flag cups.

Homemade guacamole party recipes - guacamole and chips in s a party bowl

Grandstand Guacamole – A big bowl of homemade guacamole like this served with chips.

Tire Tower: Place black frosted donuts on a donut tower for race car tires.

PRO PARTY TIP: You can also serve black and white cookies.

EASY Graze Board For Progressive Food Party Ideas - walking dinner party appetizers on a table (images of progressive dinner party foods)

Andretti Antipasto – A charcuterie board named after the famous racing family, featuring a selection of meats, cheeses, fruits, olives, dips and spread, and more.


Checkpoint Chili – Serve a hearty chili in mini bread bowls or with a topping bar featuring cheese, onions, and sour cream.

Fuel Tank Tacos – Set up a taco bar where guests can ‘refuel’ their plates with choices of fillings like seasoned beef, chicken, and various toppings.


Racer’s Ribs – BBQ ribs are always a huge hit for casual parties!

Pickle Corndog Bites on a Skewer with mustard and ketchup drizzled over them on a plate

Pit Crew Corn Dogs – Change up the classic corn dogs and try these mini pickle corn dogs served on a stick, easy for guests to grab and go as they mingle.

Fast Lap Fruit Skewers – Colorful fruit skewers, which are also easy to eat while mingling.

Turbocharged Tea – This fun sun tea becomes “Turbocharged” with different tea add-ins at a bar table where guests can add what they want to their tea.

Sparkling Raspberry Race Day Punch how to make racing party punch step by step

Pit Row Punch – Make this fun raspberry punch for a refreshing race day thirst quencher.

Party Tip: Drinking milk at Winner’s Circle is a tradition for Indy 500 winners. Think about having a milk bar and cookie bar with different flavors of milk and fun things to add to it, like sprinkles (especially if you’re having a kids racing party!).

FUN INDY 500 PARTY GAME IDEAS (RACE THEME ACTIVITIES) - text over Indy 500 black and white racing flags stuck in the grass in a yard with orange cones for racing party games

Race Themed Game Ideas for Your Indy 500 Party

Pit Stop Challenge

Game Description: Set up a timer and have guests compete to see who can perform a series of race-like tasks the fastest.

These could include:

  • Safety Gear Scramble: Scatter around the party various pieces of “safety” gear (disposable coveralls, work gloves, safety goggles, etc.). Guests must find and put on the items before they can move on to the other challenges. TIP: Separate the gloves into two different locations!
  • Tire Change: “Changing a tire” by racing to one end of the yard and throwing a ring on a cone and then racing back.
  • Refueling: Blindfolded, party guests must fill an empty bottle with water to “refuel” the car.
  • Cleaning a windshield: wiping down a mini whiteboard (that you’ve drawn bugs and marks on beforehand) to “clean the car windshield.”

Qualifier Quiz

Game Description: Prepare a trivia quiz with questions about the history of the Indy 500, famous drivers, record-breaking moments, and racing terms.

Divide people into teams to see which team answer the most questions to win.

Give prizes, like a race car driver trophy.

Racecar Relay

Game Description: Set up a relay race where teams must complete laps around a makeshift track while performing tasks or overcoming obstacles.

This could involve pushing a teammate in a wheelbarrow, navigating through cones blindfolded, or even a sack race section.

PRO PARTY TIP: Grab these awesome start your engine sacks for races!

Indy 500 Bingo Game

Game Description: Create different bingo cards with scenarios that might happen during the race (e.g., lead changes, pit stops, crashes, caution flags).

Guests watch the race and mark off events as they occur.

Fast Track Frisbee

Game Description: Set up targets around the yard, each with different point values, and have guests throw Frisbees to hit them.

Include a “Pole Position” target worth extra points.

Person or team with most points wins a fun race themed prize.

Remote Relay Race

If you have the room and flat space (like a paved driveway), set up a small track for Indy 500 remote control cars and have your own Indy 500 race at home!

Guests compete individually or on teams to see who wins.

Let guests bet with fake money and then set up a prize table where party guests can “buy” prizes with the money they’ve won.

PRO GAMING TIP: Buy two different types / brands of remote control cars that run on different remote control frequencies so you don’t have problems with interference.

More Party Ideas: Summer Themed Party Food Ideas And Fun Recipe Themes for Parties

Summer Themed Party Food Ideas [Fun Recipe Themes for Parties] text over easy summer recipes on yellow table

Start your engines and happy racing!

Have fun with these Indy 500 race party theme ideas!

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