60 Encanto Birthday Party Activities (Best Theme Party For Kids Ideas!)

Need Encanto birthday party activities and ideas? Whether you’re looking for backyard birthday party ideas, Spring birthday party ideas, or even three year old birthday themes, an Encanto party theme is perfect! We have ideas for Encanto birthday party supplies, Encanto party game ideas, DIY party crafts, what to serve on your dessert plates and more!

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60+ Best Encanto Birthday Party Activities and Ideas For Theme Parties

These are perfect for an Encanto birthday party for boy and girl of any age — from Encanto birthday party activities for toddlers all the way to fun Encanto birthday party activities for adults who love the movie, too!

Here’s a huge list of Encanto party supplies & birthday decorations — decor, activities, food, and more! You’ll love these magical Encanto party ideas!

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How to Plan an Encanto Birthday Party (Encanto DIY Party Ideas)

Fun and Easy Encanto birthday party ideas:

  • Make magical Encanto birthday invitations bright and colorful in purples, pinks, yellows, and greens
  • Request Encanto party wear and ask party guests to dress in bright colors or as their favorite Encanto character (channel your inner magical family Madrigal for a fun way to enjoy the party!)
  • Create the atmosphere with themed Encanto party supplies like movie character cutouts and pictures, magic candles, colorful flowers, pinwheels and party hats, butterflies, donkeys, toucan, and other Colombia-inspired decorations
  • Include Colombian birthday party traditions
  • Have a watch party of the movie while other party activities are also going on
  • Make some fun We Don’t Talk About Bruno photo props
  • Do movie inspired Encanto craft projects for kids like making colorful flowers out of tissue paper
  • Play an Encanto movie inspired playlist or the movie soundtrack
  • Give away Encanto party bags with party favors inspired by the movie
  • Use festive plates and cups and include Colombian celebration dishes like arepa con queso, flan (a caramel custard), and buñuelos (fried dough balls)

See the full Encanto birthday party activities, Encanto games to play, creative Encanto decorations, and more DIY party ideas below. Keep scrolling for the full Encanto themed party!

Encanto style party: Best Encanto Birthday Party Ideas For Kids different images of Encanto party foods, Encanto party decorations, and Encanto parties games

What is the Encanto movie about?

Encanto is a Walt Disney Animation Studios animated film. The Encanto movie is about a young girl named Mirabel who lives in Encanto in Colombia. Every person in Encanto, except Mirabel, has been blessed with a gift unique to each person. When the magic gifts are in danger, Mirabel sets out to save the magic for everyone.


(You can even watch the Disney movie Encanto for party of your party activities or create a watch party station where kids can come in and out of that area for your Encanto-themed party! Or, create your party around a movie night!)


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Encanto Lesson Plan Ideas with Encanto Crafts And Activities


Let’s get to our Encanto party activities, ideas for Encanto party games, Encanto DIY decorations, and other fun Encanto activities for a theme party!

ENCANTO BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS (including Encanto themed party games!) brightly colored graphics with banners, flowers, butterflies and cactus

What kind of activities can you do at an Encanto birthday party?

There are lots of fun things you can do at an Encanto birthday party — from Encanto games for party to what food to serve for Encanto themes and more!

You can have a “Find the Magic” scavenger hunt where guests have to find items from the movie and you can have a themed party and serve Encanto-themed food and drinks.

You can also play Encanto games for birthday party like butterfly tag or hide-and-seek or set up a craft table where kids can make their own Encanto crafts.

Did you know that “Encanto” comes from the Spanish word for “enchantment” or “charm”?

What to do at an Encanto theme party:

  1. Dress up in Encanto costumes (like this Mirabel dress or Antonio costume) or, if you have younger kids, have a dress up trunk, including butterfly wings, and let them choose their own Encanto party costumes!
  2. Have a piñata filled with candy and small toys.
  3. Play pin the tail on the donkey (or other theme Encanto games).
  4. Serve Central/South American food.
  5. Play music from the Encanto soundtrack.
  6. Decorate with brightly colored streamers, balloons, and banners.
  7. Give out Encanto party favors such as small toys, candy, or sunglasses in bright colors for Encanto party bag fillers.
  8. Make a birthday cake or cupcakes decorated with bright colors and flowers.
  9. Play games like limbo or tag.
  10. Build a flower garden (this will be a HUGE hit) for little ones.
  11. Use the pages out of this book for an Encanto coloring pages / Encanto activity pages table. Be sure to include blank paper for kids to draw their own Encanto party characters!

Keep scrolling for the full list of Encanto themed party games and easy Encanto party ideas for magical parties!

Encanto Birthday Party Game Ideas for Kids

Encanto party activity ideas and best Encanto birthday games:

  • Piñata party game
  • Pin the tail on the donkey
  • “Find the Magic” scavenger hunt (use items from the movie like butterfly, stuffed toucan, etc. for an Encanto scavenger hunt)
  • Toucan Toss (use a cornhole game / bean bag toss game and replace the bean bags with a toucan like this to see who can get in in the hole first)
  • Hula hoop contest with Encanto theme games music
  • Musical chairs using Encanto music
  • Party ball game (filled with Encanto birthday favors)
  • Match the Madrigal family (see if people can match the quote to the specific family member)

Almost any game can be used for Encanto game ideas just by adding features of the film. For example, regular tag can become butterfly tag (like the butterflies in Encanto) simply by adding these wings.

Let us know your ideas for Encanto birthday party games you played at your party and we’ll add them to our list of Encanto birthday parties ideas.


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Food Ideas For Encanto Party

Encanto Birthday Party Food Ideas

Encanto party ideas food dishes can include Latin America flavors and recipes like:

  • Arepas con queso
  • DIY taco bar (just because it’s easy for kids and makes Encanto party snacks that almost everyone enjoys) – GET TONS OF MEXICAN FOOD NIGHT IDEAS HERE
  • Cholado (a dessert treat made of shaved ice, fruits, syrups, and condensed milk)
  • Fried plantains
  • Lechona (Stuffed Pork)
  • Empanadas
  • Picada or Fritanga (a “fried tray” of fried pork, chicharron, and fried Colombian potatoes, and more)
  • Encanto cupcakes with Encanto cupcake toppers or decorated cookies (these are good for both, or even an Encanto cake)
  • Butterfly and flower cookies
  • Bruno cake
  • Flan (a caramel custard)
  • Colombia cheese fritters, aka: Buñuelos (fried dough balls) / Colombian cheese bread
  • Fun layered drinks with bright colors (learn how to layer drinks here)
  • Include infused fruit waters made with fruits from Colombia / Central America / South America (learn how to make infused fruit waters here)

If you don’t want to do a full Encanto dinner or full food table, just use desserts for Encanto dessert table ideas or a graze board like this for Encanto food party ideas / easy party-friendly finger foods for a kids table.

(Most kids love these bite-sized treats better anyway.)

You can still have a magical party without spending a lot on food or doing a full Colombian-style spread!

ENCANTO BIRTHDAY CAKE CHEAT: Want an Encanto themed birthday cake but don’t want to pay a lot for a custom cake? Buy a grocery store cake and then decorate with Encanto items, Encanto cake topper, and favorite characters like this. It’s a fun idea and great option to a customized cake.

Magical encanto party ideas! Best encanto birthday games (encanto themed party games and ideas for encanto party)

Let’s get to Encanto party decorations…

Encanto Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

The best place to start with your Encanto-themed birthday party decorations is color! This theme party is all about fun colors!

Your DIY party decorations for Encanto should include lots of vibrant colors / color scheme throughout your party space.

Encanto party decoration ideas and Encanto birthday party decorations:

Get creative with your Encanto party things!

Ask yourself, “What was your child’s favorite part of the movie?” and then focus on that for party decor (like we talked about for the Encanto theme party games!).

These work for Day of Dead party ideas, Encanto trunk or treat ideas, or even Halloween theme parties!

Encanto party idea: use brightly colored backdrop of festive paper decorations


Encanto Party Bags

What do you put in Encanto favor bags?

Start with Encanto party gift bags, and then add party favors like:

Any of these are great for Encanto birthday ideas or any type of party for Encanto!

Encanto Crafts for Kids

Fun Encanto party crafts ideas / Encanto craft ideas :

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Have a Happy Birthday / Happy Party!

Whatever you choose to do, we’re sure your Encanto birthday party and your Encanto themed games will be a blast!

Have hope you have fun with these Encanto birthday party activities and Encanto party games ideas!

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